Business Executive Language Courses

Corporate Language Training and Executive Business Courses

In ID Languages we know that the staff of top-notch multinational companies often need foreign languages to perform their job. Very often these companies offer this kind of training to their executives, engineers, and project managers in-house to save money and time. That is why we provide a variety of business language courses (ranging from industry-specific seminars to all-year-round in-house classes).

We offer individually designed language training where flexibility is the key word, since the programmes run in-company, at a time that suits your schedule. We offer weekly or intensive courses taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers and we can even design your program to pass external official exams if this is what you require.

Our courses are geared towards expat executives, managers that run operations overseas (in this case, our Online Language Courses can also be very useful), and courses for athletes that compete on an international level or who play abroad.

If you require language training that is truly focused on the particular needs of your business, then ID Languages is the best partner you can have.


Industry-Specific Language Training

Our trainers know that not all businesses are the same, so our courses are flexible enough to reflect the sectorial needs of our customers in the following fields:

Finance, Banking & Economics, Law, Oil & Gas, Engineering & Aviation, Fashion & Design, Hospitality, Marketing & Advertising, Marketing, Media & Publishing, Medicine & Pharmacy.

Business Language and Negotiation Courses

Our courses can also be specifically designed for high-level business executives and managers who wish to enhance their negotiation skills and have an edge in highly competitive environments. In our seminars and courses we specifically underline the importance of cross-cultural communication and the social aspects, since they are of vital importance in order to improve the chances of reaching positive outcomes when negotiating deals.

Our courses also aim to provide you with the right tools to develop your communication skills, so you can be more effective in your meetings, reports, presentations, etc.


Get in touch with ID Languages and tell us what you need.

In summary; we create personalised language courses for any language you may require,
specifically designed for your activity/sector, while taking into consideration the objectives you want to achieve.

For more information call or email us and we will provide you with a free quote within 24h.