Learner's Resource


The Language Gym is an interactive language learning website

When you sign up to a course with ID Languages you have full access to The Language Gym resources from their webiste for the duration of your course.


Verb Trainer – It focuses on conjugations. There is a menu on the left from which you can choose a language, verb or tense to work with. You then play the game to a time limit, given a pronoun and tense and an infinitive. You type out the correct part of the verb. If you get an answer wrong you are given the correct one.

Workouts – You can choose French or Spanish for grammar, oral and vocabulary modules. Activities include: matching, broken words, gapped conjugations, gapped sentences and translation.
There is a lot of material for various learning levels.

Game Room – There are four games to choose from: Boxing, Kung-Fu Grammar, Bench Press and Rock Climbing. The Kung-Fu Grammar is a multi-choice task. If you get an answer right a fist appears to break down the background wall.