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For students who want to improve their language skills and be more than exam ready



Choose our school tours to help your students improve their results in English, Spanish, French, German or Irish with state of the art language professionals, while enjoying a few days of bonding & fun.

The ID Languages Language Review Programme is specifically designed for students who want to improve their language skills and prepare for exams in a culturally enriching and fun environment.


From 2 days to 2 weeks


  • Bundoran, IRELAND
  • Biarritz, FRANCE
  • Salamanca, SPAIN 

More information

+353 7198 29634


Morning Lessons:

  • Through CLIL method
    (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

  • By qualified, experienced teachers

  • Curriculum focused

Afternoon Activities:

  • Surfing, kayaking, blo-karting and cliff jumping

  • Sight seeing & scavenger hunts

  • Drama, dancing and singing

Evening Activities:

  • Quizzes, team challenges & movies

  • Cookery & bakery workshops

  • Structured study time (optional)

Full-board accommodation:

  • En-Suite Bedrooms

  • WIFI

  • 3 Meals + Snacks / Daily

  • Supervision taken care of by Garda vetted professionals

  • Collection from and to the school that the students come from

The programme’s main objective is to review the syllabus of choice by maximizing the exposure of our students to the target language during their stay.

The review programme aims specifically to enable language learning through active content. This is the reason why our classes are run through hands-on projects that offer a distinct context for each subject that is reviewed.

In order to guarantee the highest standards in our classes, our teachers are officially
qualified fluent speakers who hold language-related university degrees.

Moreover, in order to provide students with the best opportunities to prepare for their examinations. We include a number of hours of group study time in our schedule so students can exchange ideas and help each other.

Also, to ensure that every student has personalized attention and an adequate follow-up, during the classes we divide our students in smaller groups. This aims to allow each student to draw as much individual value as possible from our programme.

The amount of time devoted to each learning activity (speaking, listening, reading and writing) varies depending on the level and the priorities of each group. This is why we have designed a two-level curriculum review.

Then, to provide our students with a context in which to practice the language skills they acquire on a day-to-day basis, we organize group activities that all students attend.

Last but not least, we aim to provide our students with a safe, fun, and culturally enriching environment in which they can learn and where they can enjoy themselves.
That is why we offer outdoor activities like surfing, kayaking, hiking and blo-karting as an integral part of our programme.